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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


WRITING FORM MY DESK :From my desk, I feel like this information is quite important to share with all of you out there... I read an article regarding stress from TheSun Daily and feel like to share this information...

STRESS that continues over along period of time can trigger pain and physical discomforts such as stomach and intestinal problems, back pain, asthma, skin rashes and headaches, Germany's professional association of psychiatrists said.

If there is no physical cause of the problems, sufferers should consider what in their lives has put them under pressure and what they can change about their situation. If that alone doesn't help, psychotheraphy could be the solution. The stress often is the result of demands or conflicts with collugues or superiors at work or it can result from relationship problems. It is estimated that up to one-third of people who consult a doctor because of these various complaints are suffering from psychosomatic illness

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Uih...AssaLamUaLaiKom DiUCaPKAn KePAdA SeMua RakYat MalaySia Yang SejahTera Ini..KeraNa suDi MeNyiNGGAh SeBenTAr Di BLog Saya Yang SaYe Dgn SendiriNYe LAme Beno X Hupdate Hape2 KAt siNin..HikHIk..

Rase KeAmat'MAlAs'aN hitu SeringKalI MemBUat LOnggoKAn Lam HOtak saYe..Huh! HApe SajeLAh YAng HAku TermeNGarut2 KAt Sinin..HAhahahha

HIhihi.... SemaLAm AKu JOin SatU ProGraM Or whaT PeoPLe Say..SeMInaR SouNDs LIKe THat LA... To KNow YouR POTenTial HiDinG In YOurseLf...hihihi... AutoMAticLy, What Ever I HeaRd IN THat SemiNAr BriNG lots Of POsiTIve Aura In MY MInd....

I Keep ThinKIng And THinkIng What Is GOing ON IN My Brain...I dont KNow What..SomethiNg Weird And DiFFerenT is In GoiNG Process And Makes ME ThinK To INvOLVe In InveSTMEnT...

SusaH AKu NK GAmBArKAn APe YAng seDang JAdik.. WhaT I KNow Is... MiNDA DAn JIwa AKu SedaNG TErTArik Ngan SomethinG That We CALLed InVestMEnt..

SoUnds LIke BiggEr ProJect HUh??
Hihihihi...I wiLL TRY TO LEARN On InvestMEnT ANd SearCHinG LOts Of INforMAtion ReGArdIng GoLd INvestmeNt In MayBAnk..

MAyBe some Of YOu Can GIve YouR OpiNIOn Or ShariNG InforMation RegarDIng GoLD INvEStMenT..Tq...

P/S: TEtIBA terKeceK OmpUTih SeBAb MInd POsiTIve AKu NIh SedaNG BErCamBAh2 GItuk..Ahaksss... Aku POstiNG LAgi Next TIme...WiTh Other InteresTIng Story...


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